Northwest HydroPrint will not be accepting any orders postmarked after March 31st, 2018  

A letter from the owners of Northwest HydroPrint,

Hello customers and potential customers,

We have decided this past year that we will be retiring from the business of hydrographics to pursue other passions in other industries.  We have enjoyed creating Northwest HydroPrint these past 12 years and thank all of our customers who have used our services for their projects.  We are currently seeking a worthy person(s) to take over the Northwest HydroPrint legacy.  We want the new owners to keep Northwest HydroPrint a high quality yet affordable custom shop for years to come.  We will be working with the new owners to achieve this.  In the meantime, we will finish all work that has been send in and then start our move to close the shop down until we are certain it will run smoothly for the new owners and for our customers.  We will be helping in the background to insure the success of our business.  We will keep everyone updated on social media as well as email.  Feel free to contact us at any time at 877-780-CAMO.  We will be glad to help you with your needs until June 1st, 2018, which will be our official closing date.  

Thank you,

Scott and Tammy Melton

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