Camo / Hydro Dipping / Cerakote Prices


Complete Shotguns (except Benelli Vinci)* – $180.00
Benelli Super Vinci Shotguns* – $210 (Benelli shotguns: All rubber “V” parts in the stock need to be removed prior)
(Butt stock, forearm, barrel, receiver, end cap and trigger guard)
Complete Over & Under Shotgun – $200.00
Stock Only – $70.00
Forearm Only – $55.00
Barrel Only – $85.00
Receiver Only – $65.00

Youth Models are the same price as shown above.
All Firearms: Serial numbers will be masked off at no charge.


Complete Rifle* (barrel, stock) – $180.00
Black Powder Rifle* – $180.00
Rifle Stock Only – $90.00
Target Stock or Thumbhole stock – $110.00
Rifle Barrel/Receiver Only – $95.00

All Firearms: Serial numbers will be masked off at no charge.
Youth models are the same price as shown above.

AR-15 Style Rifles and parts

Complete AR Style Rifle – $280.00
(Includes: Buttstock, Handguard, Upper/Lower, Barrel, Grip and one mag.)
AR Furniture Set (Buttstock, handguard, pistol Grip) – $165.00
AR upper only – $45.00
AR lower only – $45.00
AR Upper/lower combo – $90.00
Buttstock – $70.00
Handguard (standard) – $60.00
Tactical Grip – $45.00
Charging Handle – $20.00
Barrel only – $60.00
Magazine (20-30 round) – $30.00
Bipod* – $55.00
(*bipods will be double dipped and coating will not be guaranteed due to excessive wear)
XLR Complete Tactical Chassis System w/Rails
(includes Tactical Buttstock, Cheek piece, Chassis,
chassis cap, Trigger Cover, Handguard and 4 separate rails)
XLR Complete Tactical Chassis System
(includes Tactical Buttstock, Cheek piece, Chassis,
chassis cap, Trigger Cover, Handguard)
Chassis and cap Only – $75.00
Trigger cover – $35.00
Handguard – $50.00
Tactical Buttstock w/Cheek pc. – $85.00
Rails (4) – $45.00

XLR systems have lots of parts that will require separate prep and dipping.


Complete Pistol* (6″ or under) – $120.00
Complete Pistol (over 6″) – $145.00
Revolver frame & Cylinder – $150.00
Top Slide only – $45.00
Frame only – $80.00
Contender Pistol w/Barrel (under 14″) – $155.00
Contender Pistol Grip and forearm – $85.00
Pistol Grips (such as 1911 grips per set of 2) – $35.00

Gun Accessories:

Scope Rings and Base – $30.00
Scopes: We will mask off numbering/lines and lenses.
Scope – Standard (At Owner’s Risk/Not Warranted)$65.00
Scope – Large or complicated* – $85.00
Choke Tube – $20.00
Extension Tube – $30.00
Bolt Handle (At Owner’s Risk/Not warranted)$25.00

*Note: Scopes will have to be fully submerged in water and so no warranty will be issued. Check your scope prior to sending it to us.

*Note: Complete guns do not include trigger guards, floor plates, bolts or ram rods. These items can be dipped for an additional $20 each. These items will not be warranted. Please make sure you gun is fully disassembled before shipping it to us. If there has been tape, paint or any other adhesion material or rubberized coating applied to the gun, we will charge a $20 pre-treatment fee for removal. If your bow or bow parts have a rubberized coating, additional charges will apply for prep work.

Paintball or Air Guns and Accessories

Complete Paintball or Air gun (Proto style or similar) with hopper and tank – $200.00
Paintball gun (Proto style or similar)$170.00
Complete Paintball Gun (Tippman style rifle or similar) with hopper and tank – $250.00
Stock Only – $75.00
Paintball Rifle (Tippman style or similar)$270.00
Barrel Only – Single – $60.00
Air Tank – $70.00
Stock Only – $70.00
Hopper – $85.00
Face mask – $85.00

All paintball guns must be disassembled prior to shipment.

Bows & Accessories

Complete Bow* (Riser** and Limbs)$170.00
Deluxe Complete Bow Package* (Riser, limbs, Plus pick 3 items below:***)$225.00

Deluxe Bow package allows for substitutions: String Suppressor, Limb pockets,
Limb arms,cams, quiver top, stabilizer or simple sight

**Riser Only – $90.00
Limbs Only (2 standard or 4 split)$85.00*
Cams or Wheels – $40.00
**Limb Pockets (both)$30.00
**Limb Pockets & Arms (set of 2)$45.00 (e.g. with Bowtech Guardians)
Quiver (top only)$35.00
Stabilizer – $35.00 up to 6″ or $55.00 7″ and up
Quiver Hood – $30.00
Quiver – Complete (non rubber parts only)$65.00
Archery Sight (dovetail areas will be masked)$85.00 and up
String Suppressor – $25.00
Arrow rest – $35.00
Tree Stand (Floor, Seat base, seat bracket)$175.00

If your bow or bow parts have a rubberized or soft feel coating, additional charges will apply
for removal of previous coatings.

Powder coated parts will not be stripped off unless powder coating finish is in poor condition.
This may make for a snug fit (limb pockets, etc) which may need extra attention when putting
parts back together. We are not responsible for damage caused during reassembly.
Powdercoating removal cost is $50.

*Note: Complete bow is riser and one set of limbs only. Limb pockets and limb arms which are not attached to the riser and are a separate piece (such as BowTech Guardians) will be extra as listed above. All bows must be disassembled prior to shipment. If a bow comes to us assembled, a $25 charge will be applied to disassemble it, and it will not be re-assembled afterwards. Oneida Bows have 4 regular sized limbs, which will be extra $75 to coat.

**Newer style risers may need to be double dipped in order to completely cover the whole riser. This is due to the amount of “holes or cutouts” that the riser may have. This process may give the final product a darker looking finish. ***Stabilizer prices may vary. Price is for typical simple 6″ stabilizer.

Fishing Rods, Blanks and Components

Complete Fishing Rod** – $75.00

Rod Builder Packages

Fly Rod package-
Cork, reel seat, fighting butt & rod blank – $70.00
without fighting butt – $65.00
(2) Corks pc., Reel seat, rod blank* – $85.00
Fishing Rod Blank* – $45.00
Fly Reel – $35.00
Rod Building Component: Reel seats – $25.00
Cork handles – $25.00 (cork up to 6″) $40.00 (cork 7″ or more)
Fighting Butt – $25.00
Guide sets (Not warranted)$35.00
Reel seat barrel – $15.00
Vetre Handles – $30.00

*All fishing rods and blanks no longer than one piece 7ft can be dipped. Fly reels must come without fly line and clean of grease, etc.

**Complete fishing rods will be dipped whole, except any cork will be masked off. Guides may not retain print well.

All rods longer than 6.5′ may not be fully printing on the butt area (the last 3-6 inches), this is due to the length of the rod and will not affect the finished product when built up.

Automotive Items:

Complete Car or truck dash trim – $300.00$800.00 depending on how many pieces, size and style.
Bug Guard & Vent Visors (4 Door set) – $250.00
Bug Guard & Vent Visor (2 Door Set) – $200.00
Bug Guards (car or truck) – $150.00
You are welcome to have your items sent directly to us from any online retailer to help save on shipping.


Misc. Items

Yeti style Tumblers or Ramblers or Similar – $35 and up (Personalization and Customization available)
Coolers – Complete Base and Lid (Yeti, Esky, RTIC, etc) – $6 a quart
Cooler Base only – $5 a quart
Cooler Lids Only – $2 a quart
Wedding bands (no stones)$40.00$60.00 each (We specialize in rings) Check out our other website devoted to Camo Rings at
Sunglasses/Glasses* – $35.00$45.00 (Lenses must be removed prior – see more info)
Cell phone face plate/covers – $30.00
Complete Car or truck dash trim – $300.00$800.00 depending on how many pieces, size and style.
ATV plastics – $400.00$800.00 depending on size/style
Motorcycle parts – Starting at $1000.00 depending on size/style
Deer, bear, Boar Skull – $75.00
Small Skull (coyote, bobcat, etc)$55.00
Elk or Steer Skull – $100.00
*Antler coating is extra. We will mask off Canine teeth if any at no charge*